तुम जहाँ कहो

तुम जहाँ कहो
वहाँ चले जायेंगे
दूसरे मकान में
अँधेरे भविष्य में
न कहीं पहुँचने वाली ट्रेन में

अपना बसता-बोरिया उठाकर
रद्दी के बोझ सा
जीवन को पीठ पर लादकर
जहाँ कहो वहाँ चले जायेंगे
वापस इस शहर
इस चौगान, इस आँगन में नहीं आयेंगे

वहीं पक्षी बनेंगे, वृक्ष बनेंगे
फूल या शब्द बन जायेंगे
जहाँ तुम कभी खुद नहीं आना चाहोगे
वहाँ तुम कहो तो
चले जायेंगे

~ Ashok Vajpeyi



Lost in layers of unknown
wandering in dirt and corners,
I search for an end
alas! roads always curl around.

Floating thoughts in my head,
intertwined, knotted and confused,
waiting to be resolved,
be separated and exposed.

Craving for a perfect medium
for accurate expression,
maybe, a perfect pen, better color,
or a closer angle to mention.

Too much to say,
and a lot to portray
the few answers that I could find,
and the rest, still in my mind.


Goodbyes are most difficult,
they jolt the heart,
like raining bullets,
tearing it all apart.

There is anxiety inside,
about something really terrible happening right now,
and least I can do is,
stand and wave bye byes.

Neither I can stop anyone,
nor can I stop here,
‘for I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.’

Wish you all great luck,
may you all get what you aspire,
stay same – for ever,
and at last, let’s just grow old together.

History repeats itself.

I have had some complains from my father.
But today, looking at a kid holding a firm hand and walking along,
jumping, criss-crossing in the street, I discovered the pattern.

Once we did the same too,
visit to parks for making me eat dull breakfasts,
and evening scooter rides for dinner.

He managed to do what best he could.
No matter how less I felt it then,
It was always much from his side.

Even more importantly,
he did it all in utter disregard of his own self,
happily and with none of complaints and grumbling.

We always meant world to him,
no matter how otherwise we perceived.
And today when I am near to similar fate and age
I can only say, history would repeat, as it did in all these years.


It needs courage to accept the reality,
O Boy! you never imagined world to be so
harsh and ugly.
But also, when did you choose your family or place of birth,
you took up things from where they were given to you,
accepting it with both of its + & –

After you fought against all odds
with least of emotions of pain or disgust
but rather,
with utmost grit and courage.

You imbibed the idea
‘Whatever it is, it is’
and continued your journey
adding small but significantly on each day.

There came loves, hate crimes, threats and corruption.
You accepted them all,
maintaining your temper and calm
and did what you could do best at that time
managing this harsh but at last, the real world!


The Plan

At this moment when heart rushes to talk to someone,
but again, I decide not to initiate.
For it exposes my need and strengthens
other’s belief, that I need them.

No, not again!
Let’s not repeat the past.
Present has been earned with much effort,
Let’s not destroy it.
Let’s act strongly and stick to the ‘plan’.

After all I did what I could,
and she did what she only could.

There is no point of talking.
No, not now.
Let’s reach the state from where there will be no looking back,
and then look back, to talk and say once again.